The Internet of Things is Changing Telecom

Telecommunications audits help keep Internet of Things costs downThe internet of things has become a trending topic in the telecom world. This unique communications concept has the potential to change how we live our lives. Many people do not fully understand how the Internet of Things works. Our discussion on this topic will go over what the Internet of Things does and how it can impact telecommunications.

As the revolution of Broadband Internet became more widespread, many more devices were created. The Internet of things can be explained simply as anything you can turn on and off that connects to Wi-Fi. These items are equipped with data-collecting technology that allows objects to communicate with one another. This definition includes how devices communicate with us – and with other devices.

For simpler understanding, the Internet of Things uses data to transfer information to the world around us to make things flow easier. Say you have a meeting and you get on the train 15 minutes before you need to be there. Your train route takes you at least 20 minutes, your GPS might pick up on your current location, sync with your calendar, then send a text to your boss saying you might be a few minutes late.

Other examples could include:

  • Having your alarm clock notify your coffee maker to turn on.
  • Having your favorite playlist turn on when you open the door to your house.
  • Having the garage door signal your oven to turn on and start cooking dinner.
  • Knowing when you are low on office supplies and automatically ordering more.

IoT Impact on Telecom

The Internet of Things requires a large amount of data to function, which is where the role of telecommunications comes in. This is a huge change to the current business model of telecom. The increase in the number of devices each person uses will skyrocket and each of them will need to be connected to a working internet connection at all times. With the need for some much data, the price will have to drop to compete with the demand.  Lessening data expenses will be great for businesses that benefit largely from the communication technology brought along with the Internet of Things.

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