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Our Smart Telecom Audit Solutions Have Been Saving Clients Money Since 1985!

Did you know that 90% of telecom bills are mischarged? If your telecom expenses are over $10,000 per month, call us today! We’ve been serving clients nationwide for more than 30 years and are experts at helping you avoid costly billing errors! Save money or your telecommunications audit is free!

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What is Telecom Auditing?

Our thorough telecommunications audit includes phone bill audits and IT bill audits! Our telecom expense management audit identifies costly billing errors and discrepancies that often go overlooked as well as other money-saving recommendations! A leader in the telecom audit, telecom management, and telecom consulting industry, Telanalysis has helped a wide variety of major corporations! From universities, healthcare organizations, law firms, associations, governments and more, countless corporations save significantly on their telecom bills after working with Telanalysis!

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Telanalysis Offers Leading Telecom Audit Solutions

With the help of our valuable IT consulting and phone bill management services, we have saved as much as 60 percent on our clients' average telecom expenses. As a telecom billing consultant, the goal of our telecommunications management and telecommunications consulting services is to safeguard your total costs which will, ultimately, enrich your bottom line. You will be thrilled with your telecom audit savings.

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Choose Telanalysis for all your telecom management and audit needs!

At Telanalysis, our team of experts have a specialized telecom knowledge and strive to provide a seamless and transparent alliance with each of our clients. We understand how to reduce telecom expenses and excel at recommended additional ways to get you telecom audit savings and increase profits. With Telanalysis, you can rest easy knowing every single invoice is accurate and contract compliant!


LWe have been in the telecommunications consulting industry since 1985. In that time, we have completed more than 10,000 complex telecommunications audits! Telecom billing expense reduction is our mission.


Our telecom expense management audit services have helped such well-known companies as Freddie Mac, The Washington Post and GEICO lower their total telecom costs and get telecom audit savings!


Our skilled auditors are well versed in the nuances of IT and phone bill management and analysis! In fact, since we work on contingency, earning a portion of savings we find, you can depend on our deep decades knowledge in all aspects of telecom billing.


We are in no way affiliated with any telecom vendors, so you can be sure that the findings of our phone bill audits, and IT audits are wholly reliable, accurate and completely unbiased!



I would like to express my appreciation to you and your organization for the excellent service provided to Freddie Mac. Since we began our relationship with Telanalysis in 2000, we have realized retroactive savings in excess of $143,000 and reduced our monthly spend by $9,600.00. Telanalysis has been very diligent and tenacious with the carriers in facilitating the refunds/credits for errors and overpayments. Your knowledge of the ever-changing telecommunications carriers, tariffs, and industry as a whole is very beneficial to us. I look forward to working with you and your staff.

-Manager of Voice Communications at Freddie Mac

Telanalysis Are Experts at Providing Telecom Audit Solutions for Businesses across the country:

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We offer the most competitive telecom expense management audit rate across the entire telecommunications audit, management, and telecom audit and consulting industry. Our telecommunications audit and telecom contingency fees are determined by the cost-cutting measures identified during our methodical phone bill and IT bill auditing process. In essence, we only earn when you save money!

Get a free telecoms audit today! We can get started with a 15 minute call and a one-page agreement. For more information on hiring Telanalysis as a telecom billing consultant for all your telecom audit solutions and bill management needs, please contact our team today!

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