Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

Hiring the right telecom expense management company is essential for identifying opportunities to save on your telecom expenses.  Billing errors and other factors can account for up to 40% of telecom charges.  In this blog, we would like to outline some of the benefits of these services.

Why Businesses Need Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management, or TEM, is the process of managing expenses related to a company’s telecommunications services. This can include telecommunication technology expenses such as cell phone bills, cable, and internet subscriptions, and more. Companies can utilize a telecom expense management platform to gain total visibility over their telecom costs.

Software vs Service

Many companies opt to manage their own TEM with expensive software.  Typically, this software requires extensive training not to mention the time it takes to manage the software, audits, and reports.  Without relevant experience, it may be hard for a company to fully determine the value of TEM or the effectiveness of the software.

On the other hand, telecom consultants, such as Telanalysis, can provide a more in-depth and comprehensive review of your telecom expenses.  Starting with a telecom audit, consultants can provide transparency into the extent of your telecom charges.  There are often overbilling issues and errors that can be easily overlooked in diy telecom expense management.

Asking The Right Questions

Another advantage of TEM is having experienced consultants that can provide answers to the right questions.  Questions you should ask regarding TEM include:

  • What’s our total spend on telecom related expenses?
  • What items are in our telecom inventory?
  • Are your telecom expenses properly tracked and measured?
  • Are there services or devices that we no longer need?
  • Are our contracts being fulfilled or still active?

Putting It All Together

Having all your telecom expenses managed under one roof can streamline IT operations, control costs, and reduce policy and compliance risks involved in your industry.  Personalized service from a dedicated TEM company will allow you to focus on the task at hand, saving you time and money.  With experience comes a deeper understanding of core industry processes and technical know-how which allows telecom expense management teams deliver a maximum amount of savings for your company.

The benefits of employing a proper telecom expense management strategy can’t be overstated. Up to 85% of business owners are unaware of their telecom expenses and the saving opportunities that exist. Having a team of experts with specialized knowledge will help you save time and significantly increase profits for your business

Ready to start? Contact Telanalysis today for a telecom expense management audit.  If we don’t save you money your phone audit will be free.

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Why You Should Hire A Telecom Billing Consultant?

Telecom expenses tend to be quite substantial for some companies, and in most cases, it is highly probable that they are being overcharged for services. A consultant will act as a liaison between you and your chosen carrier. By hiring a telecom billing consultant, your company can save money, increase your profit margins and also utilize your earnings efficiently. Below are a number of ways that a telecom consultant will help you realize your goal.

Telecom Audit
A telecom audit simply refers to the financial examination of the organization’s telecommunication expenses. If you are looking to save money on your expenses, the best place to start is by performing an audit. During the audit, the consultant is on a mission to see where there are potential savings for your company. The consultants will review the local telephone bills, wireless services, long distance invoices, internet, and the company’s current tariff charges. They will also identify cases of phone abuse and billing errors. Their findings also allow the company to create a telecom budget and allocate their expenses accordingly.

Telecom Contract Negotiation
Most managers struggle to understand the terms and conditions of the contract when companies are just getting into telecom equipment and services contacts. They also do not understand how the contracts affect their real monthly expenses. This is because the contract might be filled with telecom world jargon that the managers do not understand. A telecom consultant will play a valuable role in the negotiations by acting as an interpreter helping managers understand the contract before committing to it.

Telecom Project Manager
When the company is looking to make substantial changes in their telecom decisions, it is always a wise decision to hire an expert in the field. This is because the decisions that will be made in the transition period will affect the company for years to come. A telecom consultant brings their unique knowledge of the industry, years of expertise and leadership to the table. Armed with these, they can comfortably steer the project in the right direction.

Coming up with a procurement policy
Employees will always want the latest when it comes to technology. With technology always changing and advancements being made within a short span of time, gadget-shopping sprees can be a huge cost to the company. A consultant will help you stay current without necessarily having to spend too much on gadgets. They will review your current procurement policy and help you come up with a better solution.

For most companies, the bottom line is to make profits, but expenses will always reduce the profit margins. Telecom expenses are quite substantial in all companies today and they need to be controlled. Hiring a telecom billing consultant is the first step to increasing profits. For more information about these services, call us at (703) 273-5700 or contact us online today!

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What You Need to Know About a Telecom Audit

For a lot of businesses, telecom is at the top of the expense line. If you haven’t received a telecommunications audit recently, then you are more than likely overpaying for your services. Receiving a telecom audit from Telanalysis can help you save money. If you are considering a telecom audit for your business, here are some questions that you may have and the answers you will need to guide the decision-making process: Continue reading

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Netherlands Are First to Receive ‘Internet of Things’ Network

From coffee makers and thermostats to internet-connected cars and smart city grids, the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting larger every year. However, this new, disruptive technology is far from perfect. It requires constant connection to cloud-based applications to interpret and transmit the data that comes from every internet-enabled sensor,  and many countries are not equipped to meet the needs of the Internet of Things – but all of that is about to change. Recently, the Netherlands became the first country to implement a ground-breaking technological advance: nationwide wireless internet access.

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Deepfield Acquired by Nokia to Enhance Security Capabilities

After reaching an agreement earlier this month, Nokia acquired Deepfield allowing them telecom auditto expand and deepen their service automation and analytics-driven network capabilities.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Deepfield specializes in real-time analytics centered around IP network performance security and management. As of yet, the financial terms have not been released but the sale is expected to close within the first quarter of 2017. As a relatively new company founded in 2011, it currently has 65 people in their employment.

For Nokia, the purchase of Deepfield means a more analytics-driven network as well as service automation capabilities. This will help Nokia provide better network insight, DDoS protection and control for customers like cable operators, communications providers and cloud servers, enabling them to work directly with large technology companies. Continue reading

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WEA System Opens the Door for Telecommunications Growth

telecommunications WEA systemBetween the threat of terrorism and other troubles at home and abroad, tensions have been high, causing many Americans to question their safety and the competency of their police forces. Those fears were put to rest when the police showed just how competent they were by utilizing technology to catch a possible terrorist.

New York City residents received a city-wide alert early this year from the Wireless Emergency Alerts system (WEA), a national service typically used to warn of impending hazardous weather conditions or to issue an Amber alert. This time, however, the message was different: an electronic wanted poster for a man sought in connection to recent bombing in New Jersey and Manhattan. This is believed to be the first time a Wireless Emergency Alert has been used in such a capacity. Continue reading

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The Internet of Things is Changing Telecom

Telecommunications audits help keep Internet of Things costs downThe internet of things has become a trending topic in the telecom world. This unique communications concept has the potential to change how we live our lives. Many people do not fully understand how the Internet of Things works. Our discussion on this topic will go over what the Internet of Things does and how it can impact telecommunications. Continue reading

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AT&T to Pay $7.75 Million in Fines For Over Billing

telecom auditRecently, a scam was uncovered by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration during an investigation of two third-party AT&T companies in Cleveland. The discovery was made during an initial investigation for drug-related crimes and money laundering when DEA officials found financial documents uncovering the scam. The third-party companies placed charges on thousands of customer bills for a bogus directory assistance service, and  AT&T was unable to provide any evidence that their customers had agreed to be billed for the service. In August 2016, the FCC reached a settlement with AT&T that will see the mobile carrier pay $7.75 million dollars in refunds and fines for the unwarranted charges. Similar scamming crimes are unveiled every year and are not uncommon. The FCC has taken out more than 30 enforcement actions out on mobile carriers since 2011 .

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4 Ways Your Business Benefits From Telecommunications Audits

Telecommunications auditTelecommunications audits could potentially save your company thousands of dollars each year. An experienced, trustworthy telecom expense management team can catch charges that your IT department simply doesn’t have time to check. Our team can handle your company’s telecom expense management so that you can focus on the thing that matters most: your customers. Continue reading

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How Does SIP Trunking Help Businesses?

shutterstock_383013397Smart work practices don’t just save time – they save money. Our goal is find better business solutions for your company so you can succeed in today’s tough economic market. Success starts with changes at the very foundations of your business. Something as simple as making the switch from a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to SIP trunking could help your business save in the long run. Continue reading

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