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Here’s what our clients have said about our telecom consulting, auditing and management services:

“This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation for the excellent work you and your company have done for the City of Fairfax in identifying numerous cost savings in our telecommunications expenses. Your company was able to identify numerous billing errors from the carrier, 22 POTS lines that were not needed, and were able to find an alternative opportunity for our Centrex service through the State DIT contract. The projected cost savings for the City of Fairfax over a 2-year period amounts to over $88,000. Needless to say such a savings for a small city, particularly in the midst of a shrinking budget, is indeed significant and we sincerely appreciate your hard work in bringing about these savings.

Additionally, I want to say that it was a genuine pleasure working with you on this endeavor. You were always helpful and created an excellent working relationship with all involved. Your expertise was invaluable in analyzing our billings and line usage and particularly in being at our side in any discussions/negotiations with our providers and the State DIT folks. We always felt comfortable that we had a telecommunications expert on our side when you were there. I not only sincerely appreciate your work but also highly recommend you and your company to anyone considering your services.”

City of Fairfax, City Hall

“I have been in the telecommunications business for almost 20 years, working for Verizon for 15 of them (and installing hundreds of circuits) and here at GU for the past 3+. I have a very solid understanding of the telecommunications carriers billing processes, and therefore, the problems you are confronted with. Even with the knowledge that I have regarding these bills (I actually installed most of them here at GU -I was the Sr. Account Manager for GU, at Bell Atlantic for 6 years) -I felt it prudent to have an outside company help drive the process, and ensure (for audit purposes) that my organization had done everything possible to sort through, clean up, and audit these bills. Mr. Ball and his company did an excellent job. My staff was happy, my auditors were happy, my financial team was happy, and only Verizon and MCl/Worldcom were unhappy.

I have referred Telanalysis to many of my peers in the higher educational community. They too, have been extremely pleased with his results and professionalism. There are a lot of lousy contractors/consultants out there -Telanalysis was not one of them. They were excellent and did exactly what we asked them to do.”

Director, Network and Computing Services
Georgetown University

“I just wanted to thank you for your company's assistance with the telephone bills for Lustine Chevrolet. When I originally approached you it was only for an understanding of what we were being billed for. In our original meeting I indicated that I would be more than willing to pay your hourly fee if it would get me the information I needed. Imagine my surprise when you called to tell me that our local carrier had been overcharging us for the last three years and that after your fee we would be receiving a five-figure refund! If all of your clients receive this kind of results your future is certainly bright. For my part, I would heartily recommend you to anyone who needed help with their telephone bills. Once again thanks for turning a problem into a positive cash flow.”

Chief Financial Officer
Luskar Automotive Services Corp.

“We have used Telanalysis on a number of occasions to assist in the audit of specific and general telephone bills. They have negotiated on our behalf and provided consulting services on various telecommunications projects.

The Telanalysis staff is professional, committed to task and have an unblemished track record of success. What sets them apart from their peers is fairness, honesty and integrity in their business dealings. They will continue to be PNI's first choice on any telecommunications undertaking or strategic assistance.”

Director of Customer Interface and Telecommunications
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Daily News

“I would like to express my appreciation to you and your organization for the excellent service provided to Freddie Mac. Since we began our relationship with Telanalysis in 2000, we have realized retroactive savings in excess of $143,000 and reduced our monthly spend by $9,600.00.

Telanalysis has been very diligent and tenacious with the carriers in facilitating the refunds/credits for errors and overpayments. Your knowledge of the ever-changing telecommunications carriers, tariffs, and industry as a whole is very beneficial to us. I look forward to working with you and your staff in 2003 and beyond.”

Manager, Voice Communications
Freddie Mac

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Telanalysis for all the hard work you have provided to Jackson & Campbell, P .C. over the last few years. An extra special thanks goes to you as my firm has received over $30,000 in refunds from AT & T for incorrect charges you discovered. In addition to the review of the bills, I appreciate the assistance Telanalysis provides when we have problems contacting our account reps at AT&T. Last but not least, thanks for expert guidance regarding the renewal of our local and long distance contracts. Thanks to your diligence we stand to save another $20,000 over the next year due to the switch from AT & T to Qwest. What amazes me is to know we get all this service for such a reasonable annual fee. Please feel free to have any potential customer contact me for a reference as I truly believe any company would be lucky to have you on their side.”

Jackson & Campbell

“The Montgomery County Public Schools contracted with SearchNet approximately two years ago to assist us in reducing our telephone expenditures with Verizon. SearchNet conducted two related studies, a retroactive billing error study which resulted in a gross refund to MCPS of approximately $70,000, and an analysis of potential savings which has resulted in an annualized savings of approximately $400,000. We found SearchNet's telecommunications studies to make good business sense. My staff's involvement time was minimal. SearchNet took charge of the entire study, proceeding with us and by our direction. SearchNet acted with professional courtesy and integrity throughout our working partnership. They kept us fully informed of their activities and progress. We are most pleased with our bottom-line results.”

Director, Department of Technology Planning and Data Operations
Montgomery County Public Schools

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Telanalysis for your continued attention and support of the BNA accounts.

Without Telanalysis, BNA would not have recouped $450,000 from telecom vendors for billing errors, mistakes, and delays last year. Telanalysis’ attention to the many accounts, disconnect orders, and billing errors was very important to BNA.

This is not a job we could have done internally at BNA without specialized staff. You watched our accounts like they were your own, made recommendations, did extensive follow up, and kept the pressure on the vendors until they provided the fair credits and refunds to BNA from their delays and errors.

The continued reminders to the vendors, the conference calls, and face-to-face meetings were all coordinated by Telanalysis and Telanalysis followed up on every account, error, disconnect order, and every dollar due back to BNA.”

Director, Business Services

“Telanalysis approached us last year with an offer too good to be true. They offered, at no charge, to analyze our telephone bill to see if there were any savings to be had. If no savings were found, we would owe nothing and have the assurance that we could do no better. If savings were found, we would share the savings with Telanalysis for a period of one year.

Having nothing to lose, I agreed. All that was required of us was to give Telanalysis access to our phone bills and a letter of agreement giving them authority to act on our behalf. They analyzed our bill, and then negotiated with our vendor to achieve a savings of over $3000 per month. For no cost, and little effort, we are saving close to $40,000 a year. Not a bad return for a thirty minute investment.

I heartily recommend that any company with significant phone charges allow Telanalysis to take a crack at their bills. It certainly paid off for Omniplex.”

Director, Information Technology
Omniplex World Services Corporation

“I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have spent reducing our Telecom and ISP expenses. Contracting services can be an aggravating and exhausting task. Your efforts made this process painless and reduced our monthly costs significantly.

Not having to deal with the aggressive, brutish, and sometimes tedious sales tactics from various sales agents was, in itself, a huge savings.”

Director, Information Resource Management
Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation

“When I began working for AAMC in 2002, it became immediately apparent that the provision of telecommunications services and vendor billing needed review. Because of time constraints and the necessity to give my attention to other issues, I decided to outsource this project. After interviewing several consultants, we came to an agreement with Telanalysis, Inc., of Oakton, Va.

Since the inception of our relationship, Telanalysis has performed at a level that has exceeded my expectations. The have streamlined our billing, and saved the medical system huge sums of money both via correcting improper billing practices by our vendors, and obtaining retroactive credit for errors which occurred in the past. Though they have now completed this “cleanup” project for us, we felt their value to the organization was so great that we have retained their services ongoing.

I continue to be impressed by Telanalysis’ ability to complete all work requested of them within an agreed upon time frame, if not before it is due. Their research is always thorough and comprehensive, and their fact checking is always accurate. We seldom allow our vendors such latitude, but the consistency and quality of the results they have produced prompted us to assign them full agency over our Verizon account. They are currently negotiating our new CSP agreement with Verizon.”

Manager, Telecommunications
Anne Arundel Medical Center