Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

Hiring the right telecom expense management company is essential for identifying opportunities to save on your telecom expenses.  Billing errors and other factors can account for up to 40% of telecom charges.  In this blog, we would like to outline some of the benefits of these services.

Why Businesses Need Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management, or TEM, is the process of managing expenses related to a company’s telecommunications services. This can include telecommunication technology expenses such as cell phone bills, cable, and internet subscriptions, and more. Companies can utilize a telecom expense management platform to gain total visibility over their telecom costs.

Software vs Service

Many companies opt to manage their own TEM with expensive software.  Typically, this software requires extensive training not to mention the time it takes to manage the software, audits, and reports.  Without relevant experience, it may be hard for a company to fully determine the value of TEM or the effectiveness of the software.

On the other hand, telecom consultants, such as Telanalysis, can provide a more in-depth and comprehensive review of your telecom expenses.  Starting with a telecom audit, consultants can provide transparency into the extent of your telecom charges.  There are often overbilling issues and errors that can be easily overlooked in diy telecom expense management.

Asking The Right Questions

Another advantage of TEM is having experienced consultants that can provide answers to the right questions.  Questions you should ask regarding TEM include:

  • What’s our total spend on telecom related expenses?
  • What items are in our telecom inventory?
  • Are your telecom expenses properly tracked and measured?
  • Are there services or devices that we no longer need?
  • Are our contracts being fulfilled or still active?

Putting It All Together

Having all your telecom expenses managed under one roof can streamline IT operations, control costs, and reduce policy and compliance risks involved in your industry.  Personalized service from a dedicated TEM company will allow you to focus on the task at hand, saving you time and money.  With experience comes a deeper understanding of core industry processes and technical know-how which allows telecom expense management teams deliver a maximum amount of savings for your company.

The benefits of employing a proper telecom expense management strategy can’t be overstated. Up to 85% of business owners are unaware of their telecom expenses and the saving opportunities that exist. Having a team of experts with specialized knowledge will help you save time and significantly increase profits for your business

Ready to start? Contact Telanalysis today for a telecom expense management audit.  If we don’t save you money your phone audit will be free.

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