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Chicago Telecom Consulting

Phone Bill Auditing, Telecommunications Management and Cost Reduction

Let our Chicago telecom consulting professionals save you money on your phone and IT bills.

Chicago Telecom Consulting
Telanalysis is Chicago's telecom consulting firm of choice, and with good reason. We have provided telecom management and auditing services since 1985, and in that time have served a wide variety of corporations, universities, health care organizations, governments and more. IT and phone bill audits can unearth billing errors and discrepancies that may be costing you a significant amount of money each month. As your telecom billing consultant, we deliver a risk-free cost management audit that reduces costs, improves services, improves rates, eliminates billing errors and enables you to save money on your telecom bills. Our clients have been known to save money on their phone bills simply by trusting in our telecommunications management services. We are proud to provide businesses with phone bill review services they can count on.

At Telanalysis, some of the services we provide include:

  • Comprehensive telecom audit
  • Custodial management of telecom services and bills
  • In-depth tariff, centrex and tax studies
  • Traffic studies

If there are discrepancies in your telecom bills, chances are that they can be discovered quickly via a detailed IT and phone bill review. Telanalysis have the experience, reputation and expertise needed to do the job right, and our knowledgeable team is well versed in the art of uncovering billing errors and conducting thorough telecommunications audits. It's all about making certain that your telecom expenses are where they should be in terms of costs.

When choosing a Chicago telecom auditing firm, you deserve one with a proven track record that delivers great results consistently. Telanalysis offers just such a record, and invites you to learn more about the cost management services we offer and how they can benefit your bottom line. For more details on what we can do for you, please call us at (703) 273-5700 today. We have been serving clients in the Windy City for nearly three decades, and we look forward to serving you as well!