Why TEMS May Not Work For Your Organization

Many organizations utilize telecommunications expense management software (TEMS) to help control telecom expenses. Though TEMS is a great tool for catching some billing errors, it may not be the magic formula your organization needs for its telecommunications management. That’s where telecom consulting firm Telanalysis can help. Through our comprehensive telecom audits, our telecom billing consultants review and analyze telecom billing and contracts to uncover discrepancies, as well as make expert recommendations for lowering telecom costs.  Here are a few reasons why TEMS may not be the best fit for your business.

1. TEMS may not be the most cost-effective way to manage telecom expenses. The initial purchase price as well as monthly maintenance fees of TEMS can really cut into your organization’s budget. In fact, TEMS might cost your organization more than it saves.

Telanalysis’ telecom management services are billed as a percentage of the savings we find for you, meaning that the cost of our services will never exceed your savings.

2. TEMS requires specialized training to use effectively. As with each new piece of software installed in your organization, you will need to assign staff members to operate the software. And these staff members will likely need to be trained on the proper way to use the software. Chances are this time could be better spent on other tasks.

Telanalysis’ telecom audits will only take up a few hours collectively of your staff’s time to gather the necessary documents and review findings with our auditors.

3. TEMS may not be sophisticated enough to catch all inconsistencies. TEMS is excellent at matching numbers to find obvious discrepancies in telecom billing. However, TEMS simply is not equipped to analyze thousands of tariff nuances, charges and changes or customized contract offerings.

Our telecom billing consultants possess specialized knowledge of the telecom industry. This expertise not only enables them to identify simple billing errors and unauthorized charges but analyze complex tariff offerings to find the best one for your organization’s telecom needs.

Telanalysis has a proven track record at finding considerable savings for our clientele, which include such household names as GEICO, the Marriot Corporation and Freddie Mac. Through our services, our clients have saved as much as 60 percent on their telecom billing. To find out more about our telecom consulting services, please call us at 1-866-300-6999.

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