Telecom Management: Getting a Grip on a Top Line-Item Expense

Telecom BillingTelecommunications has evolved into such a crucial and indispensable part of business infrastructure that it’s typically among the five largest line items in a company’s budget today. For many businesses, total telecom spending even rose significantly during periods when unit pricing for telecom equipment and services was dropping because of advances in technology. In other words, increased use of telecommunications services more than offset the deflation in tech prices. Unfortunately, surveys have shown that telecom management is also one of the areas where a majority of corporate officers feel the least competent.

Such a gap between the high importance of business telecom services and the self-professed lack of knowledge among those charged with overseeing them does not bode well for a company. Odds are that in any organization, telecom spending has not been systematically optimized. In other words, it’s unlikely that your enterprise is getting the maximum bang for its telecom bucks.

The good news about this fact – the “glass-half-full” perspective – is that, in all likelihood, significant telecom savings are out there for the taking. Companies, government agencies, schools and non-profits looking to trim budgets in tough economic times might well find some of their easiest, most painless savings by digging into that bloated telecom expense line item. All it takes to root them out is a telecom audit performed by an experienced, dedicated telecom expense specialist.

Effective telecommunications management means monitoring every telecom invoice closely for overcharges and mistakes with the knowledge that at least 15 percent of telecom bills contain errors. It also entails auditing past invoices to uncover overcharges that may be recoverable and could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Identifying unused services, putting a stop to recurring mistakes and errors and reconfiguring telecom services as efficiently as possible can bring huge future savings. Negotiating with carriers to arrive at the best settlement possible to rectify past mistakes and negotiating new telecom contracts that are not unfairly slanted to the carriers’ interests requires expertise in telecom tariffs, government regulations and rulings, customized contracts and codification.

Telanalysis is a telecommunications consulting firm that has been saving its clients money on telecom and IT spending since 1985. Telanalysis is independent company with no ties to any of the telecom carriers. We can expertly perform all aspects of good telecom management on your company’s behalf to correct past errors and save your firm money now and in the future. We find significant overbilling errors for 95 percent of our clients, and we can save a typical client anywhere from 20 to 60 percent on their average telecom bill going forward. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t charge an upfront fee, just a percentage of the savings that we find for you. All that means that Telanalysis can bring one of your company’s top line item expenses more into line. Call us for a consultation at 866-300-6999.

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