Clear Space on Your Smartphone for Better Productivity

shutterstock_268450493Mobile phone users notice applications, photos, videos, and other items eat into their mobile storage much more quickly than ever anticipated, especially with heavy mobile phone use. For businesses, this means employees have a more difficult time working remotely on their phones and must rely more heavily on laptops, tablets or other devices that may be less convenient. This quick guide from Telanalysis will help both you and your employees clear mobile storage to make space for helpful applications that help with productivity.

Locate the Problem
Both Android and iPhone users have access to data storage statistics. On an iPhone, this information is usually found under “Settings,” “General,” and “About.” For Android, your available space can usually be found under “Settings” and “SD Card & Phone Storage.” Information available should include how much space has been used, how much is left and, more importantly, what exactly is taking up a majority of the space on your phone.

Many things consume phone storage space. The top three culprits are:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Applications

Take Action
Follow this guide to get a cleaner interface, more storage space, and a simpler browsing experience!

  • Start by clearing your phone’s browsing data. Browsing history, your cache, cookies, and saved passwords all take up space on your phone.
  • Go through your media files like photos, music, and video. Your phone really should not serve as means of primary storage for these items, so place them instead on the cloud in an app like Dropbox where they can be easily accessed in the future.
  • Once your phone’s contents are backed up in another location it is okay to delete local copies on your mobile device. This should free up a lot of space.
  • Review old SMS text messages and delete threads no longer desired.
  • Delete applications no longer desired or used (note: preloaded apps frequently cannot be deleted – only restored back to the simplest factory version).
  • Delete old documents in your “Downloads” folder
  • iPhone users have the option to delete old backups. Keep the most recent version, but eliminate the older ones for which you no longer have any use.

Purchase Storage
If all else fails, it is possible to purchase more storage space for your phone. This is great because you can select the right size of storage device for your needs. The downfall is that additional storage is usually very expensive and may exceed the cost of simply purchasing a new mobile phone with more space. Many mobile phone users have a good experience with USB On-the-Go solutions, which will offer portable memory in the near future. Consider your options carefully and choose the option that best suits your needs.

It’s time to liberate your mobile phone of all unnecessary documents. Make space for things that really matter and boost your phone’s performance with a quick spring cleaning of your technology. Remember: reducing your smartphone’s filled storage is up to you, but Telanalysis is always available to help your business with telecommunications bill audits and management. With our help, you’ll find yourself working smarter (and faster) than ever before.

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