The Biggest Telecom Charge Your Business Overlooks

shutterstock_282331166Phone bill management is no easy task. Many businesses attempt to take telecom auditing roles upon themselves before quickly realizing the onslaught of electronic and paper bills combined with varying plans, mystery charges and different departments with different needs create an impossible situation to sort out alone. Many companies, such as Telanalysis, offer phone bill audits to track your small business’ charges and eliminate wireless waste. While professional telecom management is the easiest (and most accurate) option for most companies, there is still one big thing consumers and businesses can do to reduce phone bill charges and prevent overbilling:

Mind Your Data!

It sounds so simple, but in today’s connected world, data usage is all but unavoidable. Data is the biggest culprit behind inflated phone bills and most people do not realize the majority of these charges are completely preventable. Consumer Reports released an article in 2014 which detailed the biggest data hogs and the results were shocking:

Video streaming 5 – 6 MB / min.
Video calls 2.5 – 3 MB / min.
Music streaming 1 MB / min.
Video uploads ~300 MB for a 3-min. clip
Games 1 MB / min.

To prevent racking up the world’s largest phone bill, a few small changes can have a big impact. Change your phone’s settings to restrict data and instead use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Using a secure Internet connection establishes an alternate pathway for information and prevents the need for your phone to use data.

Many phone companies offer text notifications when your data usage is nearing its limit. Apps like My Data Manager also allow data usage tracking to prevent overages and allow effective data management.

Many small businesses and large corporations save money by investing in VoiP services such as Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime to communicate with international clients. They key is to remember these video calls use a great deal of data. Try to either utilize a desktop computer or laptop for these calls instead of utilizing a cell phone on the go where you are less likely to find a Wi-Fi connection.

It is also worthwhile to compare actual data usage (usually found on monthly statements) to the amount included in your phone plan. Many telecommunication audits uncover businesses paying for a significantly more data than they actually use! Don’t overestimate your data needs in an effort to be “safe” or avoid overage charges. Many companies find they can downgrade their phone plans and pay for less to prevent wireless waste.

The best way to uncover areas where your business can save money on communication costs is to invest in telecom consulting with a professional firm skilled in locating extraneous expenses. Experts in telecom auditing firms review your company’s bills with a skilled eye. Monitoring charge activity is a big clue into your company’s phone usage and the plan you should have versus the one you currently have. Take the first steps toward reducing your data usage today and call the professionals for the rest! Telanalysis will save you money or your telecom audit is free.

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