The Answers You Need to Decode Telecom Billing

shutterstock_430364362Telecom is a large industry. The word “telecommunications” technically refers to any device that communicates wirelessly, which means computers, mobile devices and a breadth of other technology all fall under the same category. We find that most billing errors, however, occur with your company’s telephone services. With different contracts to compare, mystery “service fees,” and unreadable monthly bills it’s no wonder nearly 40 percent of phone bills are mischarged! Here’s what you need to know to get lower phone bills for your company – now:

What Causes High Phone Bills?
A lot of things could contribute to your company’s inflated phone bill. There are a lot of legitimate reasons for your phone bill to increase, including federal, state and local changes in tax rates. Some contracts will stipulate new phone fees or early termination fees that also apply. In many cases, unethical charges such as slamming and cramming can also increase your phone bill. These are situations where a telecom audit is most helpful.

How Can I Reduce My Company’s Phone Bills?
While many tricky tactics are used to increase your base phone plan, there are other places your company can actually save money if the fees are properly located. These include:

  • Hidden fees
  • Slamming & cramming
  • Paying for too many lines
  • Roaming fees
  • Data charges

Our staff is trained to locate these charges, dispute unethical fees, and even make custom recommendations to help your company save money in the future. A telecommunications audit is the best way to keep your company’s phone bills down without expending internal manpower.

How Can We Cut Costs Now?
There are a lot of things companies to do to safeguard their finances. You could save money by getting a custom toll free number for your business with extensions for each employee. Your voicemail service could also factor into financial discussions. Sometimes outsourcing is the most fiscally responsible option. Your CFO could also choose to reduce the amount of equipment your office holds. Some companies find they can do away with landlines entirely and rely on mobile phones for employees. It’s all about exploring the options and doing what is best for your company.

Are There Laws to Protect My Rights as a Consumer?shutterstock_368532197
Absolutely! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has many laws and regulations set up to protect you from unethical business practices. They have also published a guide to “Understanding Your Telephone Bill,” which may be printed out for home use. Our staff is also extensively trained in telecommunications law so we can advise you in the best way possible.

There is a lot to know about telecom – and even more to know if you want to achieve the best savings for your company! We recommend a professional telecom audit at least every two years to make sure your phone company has your best interests in mind. Call today and consult with the experts to get lower phone bills now.

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