Telecom Costs Could Be the Gentlest Cut for Schools and Governments

According to the non-profit Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 42 out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia have projected revenue shortfalls for the 2012 fiscal year. The CBPP also reports that 23 states have made identifiable cuts in support for public schools. As state and local governments continue to face harsh fiscal realities in the current poor economy, officials all over the country are struggling to find the most painless ways to cut budgets. A wise move for them would be to hire telecom consultants, because telecommunications overspending is likely to be some of the lowest-hanging fruit in the cost-cutting game.

Just like every business today, every government entity needs telecom services, and like most business, they are probably overpaying for them. In fact, an estimated 15-18 percent of all telecom bills have incorrect charges on them. An incredible 95 percent of organizational telecom audits uncover some kind of significant billing error on the part of the telecom carriers. In addition, many institutional telecom customers are also paying for services that they never use or are no longer using. But telecom management is so complex today that overworked staffs don’t have time – and often don’t have the expertise – to properly check and analyze telecom contracts and bills.

By sniffing out telecom carriers’ mistakes and identifying unused telecom services, a good telecom audit firm can identify saving opportunities for a government department or school district that come with no sacrifice whatsoever. Money can be saved with no reduction in necessary telecom infrastructure and no service cuts to constituents or customer. The best part is that the audit itself is essentially pays for itself, because the best telecommunications consulting companies work on a contingency basis. The audit company is paid nothing up front and is compensated with a percentage of whatever savings they can ferret out. This contingency arrangement is a true win-win concept that makes the audit firm highly motivated to identify savings while taking all risk off of the client.

For more than 25 years, Telanalysis has performed telecommunications consulting and IT consulting for a wide variety of clients. Our expert telecom auditors can identify savings that will help your organization meet its budget goals, whether it’s a government entity or agency, quasi-governmental agency, institute of higher education, school administrative district or non-profit or for-profit corporation. We can also use our experience in the industry to negotiate for and procure the best telecom services deal on your behalf. Call Telanalysis for a risk-free consultation at 866-300-6999.


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