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Special Government or Public Agency RFP Rider

Telanalysis was hired by Fairfax County Public Schools, VA (FCPS) and subsequently by Fairfax County Government, VA (FCG) to perform a telecommunications billing audit on carrier billing which was compensated on a share-in-savings basis. The RFP was won and awarded in November 2003 and then extended through June 2012 to permit our services to be utilized under the COG Rider to government agencies within the COG metropolitan area and the state of Virginia.

As this RFP was competitively won, we are able to extend the excellent pricing, terms and conditions to participating jurisdictions via the COG Rider. It is also reasonable to assume that, based upon the competitive procurement of the FCPS award, any public agency outside of the D.C. metropolitan area may also be eligible to participate in riding this contract.

The reference information for the RFP is: RFP 03-663011-21 (Contract# RQ03-663011-21A) – Management Consulting Services On A Share-In-Savings Basis for Fairfax County Public Schools. By mutual agreement, contract, RQ03-663011-21A is amended to renew for three (3) additional years through June 30, 2012 at current prices, terms and conditions. The percentage of share-in-savings is:

Electing to utilize a competitively won contract via a rider is immensely effective in reducing time and administrative costs associated with purchasing commodities or services because the competitive process has been completed by another participating COG agency. The competitive RFP process helps ensure that the government receives the highest quality products or services for the least amount of money.

To take advantage of this rider, please contact us at 703.273.5700.